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Welcome to this new community founded in July 2020 called AncestralSetups. This is a platform dedicated to creating high-end Minecraft preconfigured servers. We invite you to take a look at some of our products and if you still have doubts about how to start your server, take a look at our documentation.


Take a look at our products and select the one with which you would like to start your story as a server founder.


Make your players have an amazing experience with our Survival Setup! (BEST SELLER)


Make your players have an amazing experience with our Factions Setup! (NEW)


Make your players have an amazing experience with our Prison Setup! (NEW)


Connect Ansestral products and diversify your players with Network Setup! (BRAND NEW)

My Review In my opinion, I find the Ancestral Setups website one of the best markets you can ever find for many reasons. One of these reasons would be that the website is trusted. You aren't getting scammed. You are receiving high-quality pre-made servers. What I also like about Ancestral Setups they always keep updating their setups and they work on making new ones. Also, their discord supporters reply quite fast when I opened a ticket for a small issue I couldn't understand. In the end, I recommend this website.
I purchased the survival setup a while ago, and I have to say I'm impressed. Most pre-made setups are not very good, however this one came with so many features, and almost no bugs. The setups are easy to customize with the guidance from the Readme file, so it would be very easy for people who are unfamiliar with servers to set up. Overall, would recommend for anyone who wants to make a server
Best Setups out there, you get what you for also with a best support team that understands your situation! Keep up the good work!
its me mac
its me mac
Value for money Awesome setup with many features than other setup available in the market Support is good and resource owner replies within sufficent time.

why us?

There are definitely more competitors in the market but without a doubt, AncestralSetups is your best option and here is why:

High quality

AncestralSetups has the highest quality setups in the entire preconfigured server market.

Constant updates

The supprt team constantly fixes customer-reported bugs and releases public patches.

Fast support

We have a team that will help you as quickly as possible from Monday to Saturday.

Unique formula

AncestralSetups has a unique formula that makes its products stand out from the usual setups.

Easy setup

Branding the servers and putting them up and publishing it 24/7 can take you two hours.

Well documented

We have documentation that will help you from taking your first steps to monetize and expand.


AncestralSetups is in a constant search for collaborators to generate a better experience for its users. If you have a company related to construction, configuration, hosting, web design, video design or graphic design or you think we could collaborate, please let us know.